Ariton Delmas.  Paladin
of Tyr and 2nd in
command of the rebels
fighting to liberate
Daggerdale.  Was
killed in the Battle of
Dagger Falls.
Dulwar.  Rogue who
runs the leatherwork
shop in Dagger Falls
and helped the rebels
end the Zhentarim
Elminster Aumar.  
Archmage of the
bordering land
independant agent of
the Harpers, and most
(in)famous mage in the
Kessla.  Half-elven
bard and ally of the
Rebels of Daggerdale.  
Owner of the Red
Rock Tavern.
Khelben "The
Blackstaff" Arunsun.  
Archmage and former
independant agent of
the Harpers. Resigned
from the Harpers after
a trial was called to
address his
involvement with
so-called "enemies of
Mestin "Troll"
Durmark.  This
towering ranger has
long served amongst
the rebels of
Daggerdale.  Is now
Lord Morn's 2nd in
Lord Randal Morn.  
Ruler of Daggerdale.  
Lead the rebels of
daggerdale in their
fight to drive out the
Zhentarim who had
conquered his family's
homeland.  Now
returned to his rightful
place, he does not
stand on ceremony,
and almost misses his
days of adventure.
Scyulla Darkhope.  
This apprentice
paladin of Tyr was
wild, forceful and
brutal.  Her savage
nature was often too
much for the other
rebels of Daggerdale.
Harbored a deep
hatred for the church
of Cyric.  Disappeared
during the Battle of
Dagger Falls and is
presumed dead.
Storm Silverhand. One
of the Seven Sisters,
Bard of Shadowdale,
Harper agent and tutor
to Callandra.
Sylune The Ghost
Witch of Shadowdale.  
One of the Seven
Sisters, Harper agent
and is helping
Callandra learn more
about wielding the raw
magical power of
Tunaster Dranik.  
Priest of Mystra.  
Longtime ally of both
the Harpers and the
Rebels of Daggerdale,
this overly talkative,
long-winded priest has
been an annoying,
though invaluable
help in liberating
Noory Wayrocket.  
Gnome Merchant.  The
sole survivor of the
undead seige of
Stompemharder, Noory
helped the Knights of
the Moon's Fire
escape, and guided
them through
Spiderhaunt Wood.  
Left for Cormyr
Talimas Dreamweaver.  
Shaman and Village
Elder of the gnome
village of
Stompemharder.  Tried
to prepare the gnomes
due to dark visions he
had of an army of dead
spiders swarming over
the land, lead by a white
elf with a silver face and
red eyes.  Was killed
during the siege of